Bawsey park. Picture: Ian Burt

West Norfolk Council and Bawsey Country Park are urging people not to take part in a wild swimming event organised to take place at the beauty spot where four people have drowned in the past 10 years.

A Right to Swim event is set to place on Sunday at Bawsey Pits.

Sandra Squire, council cabinet member for the environment, said: “We are asking anyone who has seen this event advertised NOT to take part. 

“Whilst we would not want to prevent people from taking part in wild swimming altogether, we must discourage people from doing it in a location with a history of drownings. 

“Anyone new to the area or not familiar with its history may not be fully aware of the risks. 

“It is the combined opinion of the Borough Council and Bawsey Country Park that this is not a safe place to swim.”

The council said the organiser of Sunday’s event has put together a web page with an assessment of ‘risks and myths’ about the site but the council is concerned that some of the information on this assessment is wrong.

Bawsey Country Park has emphasised it has clear rules and swimming is not allowed. 

A spokesperson said: “We do not wish to paint Bawsey Country Park as dangerous as it is not dangerous if people respect the rules. In the same way as a road is not dangerous if people respect the rules of the road.

“We are concerned that if this activity is promoted to the public as going to occur at Bawsey, or frankly any inland water be it the River Thames or Loch Lomond, that more people may think that they would like to participate and break the rules thus increasing the chances of tragedy.

“We urge that people respect the park rules and respect the park.”

The partners said they have learned at least two events have already taken place and a further event has been advertised to take place on Sunday.