Deputy Labour leader Ben Jones giving YLP readers a preview of the sight set to greet swimmers on Christmas Day. Picture: Ian Burt

A West Norfolk councillor will be braving the ice cold North Sea – while possibly losing a certain amount of dignity – when he dons a skimpy ‘mankini’ for this year’s Christmas swim.

Labour’s deputy leader Ben Jones is all set to wear the unusual swimwear, made famous by comedian Sacha Baron Cohen’s character Borat, at the popular Hunstanton event.

The councillor for North Lynn is hoping to raise money for King’s Lynn Night Shelter, which found out earlier this month that grant bids for vital funding had been turned down by both the government and the borough council.

Councillor Jones told Your Local Paper: “I volunteer at the shelter and I wanted to do a bit more to help the people there.

“I think the more I humiliate myself in front of a large crowd, the more people will give towards a good cause.

“I will try to swim in it but getting out of the water again may not be easy!”

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