American guitarist John Petrucci paid a visit to a King’s Lynn business before heading to his sell-out Dream Theater show in London this week.

The world renowned Grammy award-winning rock star visited Captain Fawcett Ltd’s Friesian Way headquarters and met up with business founder Richie Finney.

 Last April, Mr Finney was invited to London as a VIP guest of the musician.

Mr Finney said: “It’s an absolute delight and extraordinary honour to welcome John Petrucci to Fawcett HQ. 

“Not only is he veritable Rock Royalty, he is surely one of the world’s most charming gentlemen to boot. And his beard is truly a wonder to behold – simply magnificent.” 

 In 2021, Mr Finney worked in collaboration with Mr Petrucci to create the Nebula men’s grooming range and each 50ml Nebula beard oil includes a limited edition guitar flow pick, designed by Mr Petrucci in collaboration with Jim Dunlop USA. 

Mr Petrucci was full of praise for the products and said: “I have a giant beard so my wife, Rena, bought me a Captain Fawcett gift set. I was so impressed by how well the products worked and how they smelt, but also the great storytelling, the lore and voice of the mysterious Captain Fawcett. 

“I thought this company is awesome. I love everything about it, to the extent of partnering with the Captain to release a beard balm, beard oil and moustache wax, so far.”

 He added: “Richie has created a complete world. The place is absolutely unbelievable.”