The site of the burst water main in Gaywood last month. Picture: Ian Burt

A petition calling for thousands of  households to be “fully compensated” after being left with little or no water during the recent heatwave is heading towards 1,000 signatures.

It was launched this week after a number of residents in the King’s Lynn areas of Reffley, the Woottons and Gaywood were left angered after receiving a £30 credit instead of £150 to their water accounts.

Last month, Anglian Water pledged compensation totalling £100,000 to the community following a burst water main in Gaywood, which left a water shortage for around three days as temperatures soared to almost 40C.

After the main was fixed, residents received a letter stating they would be credited £150 if they were without water for more than 24 hours.

But county councillor Rob Colwell, who started the petition, said of the 5,972 properties without water, Anglian Water said 781 had no water for more than 24 hours and will have £150 credit added to their account and 5,191 will receive £30 “as they apparently had a trickle at some points”.

Sylvia Taggart, 74, of Reffley Lane, said she thought she would receive £150 as she claims she was left without water for three days.

“I’m so cross. Anglian Water raised expectations we would get £150, but I have been given £30. They did not explain in the letter they would be using pressure monitors to work out how much compensation we would get. The communication has been dreadful. 

“Due to my medical conditions it was very stressful having no water. It went off on the Saturday and I didn’t get it back properly until the Tuesday morning when I got up. It was so hot and we couldn’t wash. I feel for those who have children.” 

Terry Scott, of South Wootton, said he was also left without water for at least 34 hours, but was credited £30 as Anglian Water said its system showed he was not without water for more than 12 hours.

He said: “I was told that their ‘model’ said I had water. I pointed out this was not correct. Is the difference between £30 and £150 decided by a drip?”

A spokesperson for Anglian Water said: “We remain incredibly sorry for the inconvenience caused to our customers in King’s Lynn, who were without water recently due to a burst water main. We know it couldn’t have happened at a worse time during the hot weather. 

“We already compensate customers above the agreed water industry standard to ensure we provide an appropriate level of compensation should they experience a prolonged interruption to their water supply. 

“The amount each customer will receive is based on a detailed, technical assessment of how the interruption impacted each household. 

“The assessment involves analysis of a number of different sources of information, including pressure levels, monitors that measure water flow in our pipes, and from our treatment works across King’s Lynn, as well as what our engineers recorded on the ground over that weekend.   

“To reiterate, this was an incredibly complex incident which has meant a number of elements have needed to be incorporated into our systems to ensure we are providing the correct information and fair compensation to our customers.”

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