Alan and Jared Hill with their world championship fourth-place trophies.Picture: SUBMITTED.

CYCLING: France beckoned for Alan and Jared Hill as they took on the globe’s best riders at the UCI BMX World Championships in Nantes.

The West Norfolk father and son returned with fourth-place finishes in their respective cruiser classes

The pair looked good through the qualifying rounds. 

Jared made it comfortably through to his first world championship final with second place in the semi-final in the 13/14 cruisers, with Alan repeating that in his class to reach his ninth world cruiser final. 

Jared was looking good in the top three from the start in the final but lost a bit of speed going for second place, pushing him back to fourth. He held on to that place to the finish line, a great result for his first world final. 

Alan followed in the 50-plus cruiser and made a great start but a mechanical problem at the first jump pushed his handlebars back, making it tricky to get round the track at speed and he was not able to make any impression on his long-time rival from Holland. Even so, he did well to hold on to fourth place. 

The pair then switched to the 20-inch category, with Jared racing in a huge field of 125 riders in the 14 boys. A first cut saw 64 riders make it to the 1/8ths and Jared sailed through with a 1/5/1 in the motos and third place in the 1/8ths. 

Jared got a late gate in the quarter-final but tried to get back into the mix for a top four place but eventually finished seventh, making him 26th out of 125 riders. 

Alan lined up in the 35-plus class against a lot of faster, younger riders but made it as far as the quarter finals.