Laura Salter, left, and Lucy Baker are set to climb Ben Nevis next week for the Sue Lambert Trust.

Two friends and colleagues who work as mental health nurses in the community will attempt to climb Britain’s highest mountain on Tuesday.

Lucy Baker, 24, and Laura Salter, 41, of King’s Lynn, who work for the Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust in the crisis resolution team, have set their sights on climbing Ben Nevis for Norfolk charity, Sue Lambert Trust. 

At 4,409 feet, their challenge will raise money for the trust which offers support to survivors of sexual abuse and domestic violence.

The duo have said the challenge will also help with their own mental wellbeing.

Working closely together during the pandemic, and as NHS frontline workers, it was their job to make sure people could still access the mental health support services they needed, from home. 

They said how this time had taken its toll on people and that they had found walking a release. 

The pair made a pact to tackle some of the toughest mountain climbs to give them a personal goal for which to aim.

Last June, they climbed Snowdon for fun and now plan to test of both mental and physical strength and endurance with the Scottish climb.

Laura said: “The nature of our job can be very hard going, and during the pandemic it was particularly relentless; walking in the countryside was our way to unwind. 

“Climbing Snowdon last year gave us such a sense of achievement, so we decided to do Ben Nevis next and raise money for Sue Lambert Trust.

“Through our work, we’ve both witnessed what Sue Lambert Trust does for people, helping survivors of sexual abuse to manage and move on from their personal trauma. People can self-refer themselves and decide when they feel ready to speak out and start therapy which is incredibly empowering and important. 

“Sue Lambert Trust’s counsellors help people to heal and make positive steps after going through unthinkable experiences.

“And as one of the only specialist sexual abuse support services in Norfolk for both men and women, we see in our daily work how they offer a lifeline for so many.”

Lucy added: “No doubt this climb is going to be tough, but so are we. We are a great team and have supporting each other through difficult times. 

“The motivation will be knowing that we are raising money for such a fantastic cause, and we can’t wait for those views at the top.”

Clive Evans, chief executive of the trust, said demand for it’s services continued to grow.

“Every week, our team of professionally qualified volunteer counsellors see more than 300 people in Norfolk for one-to-one sessions, and hundreds more victims of sexual abuse access support through group sessions. 

“Every day, we are contacted by new people, reaching out for our free therapy, but, as a charity, our resources only stretch so far. 

“We want to be there for everyone who needs us as soon as we can and so we’re incredibly thankful to Lucy and Laura for nominating us,” he said.

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