Charity chief executive Sarah Woolnough with Breathe Easy’s Roger Smith and Pam Mohr, who jointly chair the branch.

The chief executive of an asthma and lung charity visited a local support group to find out more about its work.

 Sarah Woolnough, of  Asthma + Lung UK spoke to members of King’s Lynn Breathe Easy support group during a meeting the Church Rooms in Gaywood.

The purpose of her visit was to inform the group about what the charity was doing, listen to comments from members and find out more about how a lung support group functions and its value to patients and carers.

She said it had been a “fantastic trip” and good to see groups returning to face-to-face meetings, offering “brilliant support, advice, a chance to meet others with lung conditions”.

“Group members told me how pulmonary rehabilitation, which happens in the adjacent hall, has changed their life, helping them exercise and breathe more freely. 

“But there are long waits and not enough nurses to deliver. Lots of stories of people struggling to see a GP or nurse in primary care.

“In some cases people with COPD and other serious lung conditions haven’t seen a GP for years and are ending up in A&E. There’s an urgent need to ensure those with lung conditions get the help and care they need,” she said.

The chief executive gave an overview of what Asthma + Lung UK is about, explaining about the merger of Asthma UK and British Lung Foundation and reasons for the name change.

She also explained about the increased use of the national helpline, about online groups for patients to join, research and a recent visit to parliament regarding air pollution.

She also praised the volunteers and thanked them for their work. 

Her visit to the Lynn group was the first support group Ms Woolnough had visited since lockdown.

Roger Smith, joint chairperson of the group, said: “We were very pleased that she was able to spend time with every member that attended listening to their views and concerns.” 

Are you or is someone you know affected by a lung condition? 

Joining your local support group could help you manage your condition by sharing information and advice, helping you live well.

The Lynn group meets on the last Monday of the month at Gaywood Church Rooms.

Meetings have guest speakers and refreshments.

For more information call 0300 222 5800 or email to find out more about the local group.