Presenter Simon Reeve with pupils. Picture. Ian Burt.

Pupils from Ingoldisthorpe Primary School were joined on a “journey of water” walk by TV presenter Simon Reeve.

The walk took place at a constructed wetland in the village managed by the Norfolk River Trust, where the pupils were taken through the journey of water, bringing to life key stages of the water cycle and how freshwater travels from its source to the taps in our homes.

The walk was organised by the Finish and Worldwide Funds for Nature partnership which is replenishing 500 million litres of freshwater in East Anglia over three years. 

Finish is funding restoration and replenishment projects which will be delivered by conservation experts.

The campaign is raising awareness of where our water comes from, how it links to freshwater environments, such as wetlands, rivers, and streams, and why they need protecting.

Mr Reeve said: “It has been brilliant attending the Journey of Water walk with Ingoldisthorpe Primary School.

“It is important that children know where the water in their taps comes from and that it is a lifeline for so many ecosystems. 

“Few realise that freshwater in East Anglia is under strain which is why it is vital we are mindful of the amount of water used at home to help protect these precious environments.”

Jonah Tosney, operations director, Norfolk River Trust, said: “The walk was a fantastic way to show first-hand the freshwater environments that exist in the region and the wildlife it supports.

“We often find through our educational programmes that many children know more about the Amazon river than they do about our rare chalk rivers or the Norfolk Broads which are on their doorstep. 

“We believe it’s important that young people understand the natural origins of their water so they can protect it for generations to come.”