Gayton Primary School reception pupils were finally able to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Due to Covid, the school had to postpone its celebration from March to last Wednesday, but it was still a fun-filled afternoon with plenty of activities.

Class teacher Jo Edwards said: “We were hoping to hold it outside but due to the weather we were quite cosy in our classroom.

“The children retold the story Handa’s Surprise off by heart using sign language. They were then given the chance to design and paint their own canvas with their adults. 

“Once the paintings were complete they tucked into some sweet treats together while the adults enjoyed chat and a lovely hot drink. 

“This was a special moment for the children to share their classroom with their adults. The children were very excited about the long-awaited event. 

“They had written invitations to their adults and decorated the envelopes. They made lots of decorations including personalised Happy Mother’s Day bunting using their photos.”