The family of JP Goldsmith, above, is raising funds for a hospital intensive care unit after his life was saved there. Picture: Goldsmith family

A King’s Lynn teenager’s recovery has been dubbed a “miracle” after he underwent emergency brain surgery following a motocross bike crash.

Jason Paul Goldsmith, known as JP, 14, was airlifted to hospital while he was racing for Peterborough Junior Moto X Club at Doncaster.

His dad Jason Goldsmith and step-mum Gemma Venemore said their “world came crashing down” when the crash happened last month.

JP, a pupil at Springwood High School in Lynn, was rushed to Sheffield Children’s Hospital while in and out of consciousness and suffering from seizures. 

“Upon arrival, he had scans which showed he had a massive blood clot on his brain, he was rushed into theatre and surgeons worked on him for seven hours,” said Miss Venemore.

“We didn’t know if he was going to survive or if his brain would suffer any long term damage.”

The family were told the next 48 hours were crucial while their son  remained in a coma and on life support “so his body could rest”.

“We were all in bits waiting to see what would happen when he woke up,” she said.

Over the next few days, doctors began to slowly bring JP out of a coma and he stunned medics as he started to try to move and talk.

Miss Venemore said: “His progress since he woke up has been absolutely amazing and it’s all thanks to the wonderful doctors and nurses at Sheffield Children’s Hospital Intensive Care Unit and of course JP’s strength and determination. 

“He is doing more and more every day and has completely blown everyone away. All the staff are saying it’s a miracle how well he is doing.”

Miss Venemore said it had been “a difficult two weeks” but JP has now been moved to Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge which is closer to their home.

However, passionate motocross rider JP, who has been racing for five years, is determined to get back on his bike one day.

The family have launched an online fundraising page in aid of Sheffield Children’s Hospital in a bid to show their appreciation for the care their son received.

On their fundraising page, the family posted: “Every penny will be sent to the ICU to help them carry on doing what they do best and to support the many families that end up there every single day.”

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