A dog stock lead. Picture: Pixabay.

A West Norfolk animal charity is looking for forever homes for a number of ex-racing greyhounds.

The King’s Lynn branch of the Greyhound Trust has between six and eight of the former racers looking for homes at any one time and many more on its waiting list. 

Branch spokesperson Debbie Albins said: “Despite only being a small branch, we find loving homes for between 40 and 50 dogs every year. 

“The Greyhound Trust as a whole, homes approximately 3,500 ex-racing greyhounds each year, the Greyhound Trust is the largest single breed rescue. 

“As you may know, greyhounds make fabulous pets and contrary to popular belief, they do not need a lot of exercise, in fact they are very lazy.  

“As a charity we know our breed well and do our best to match the right dog with the right family and we are always available for help and advice once the dog is homed.

“The King’s Lynn branch has the advantage of the kennels being within my garden meaning I get to know the dogs really well, from 7am wake up to putting them to bed at 10pm. 

“This is a real advantage when it comes to matching the dogs to their new family. 

“The branch has a fabulous group of volunteers who come in seven days a week to walk the dogs, they also have trips out to the forest, shows and other events.”

For details call 07944578125. See www.facebook.com/greyhoundtrustkingslynn/ or www.greyhoundtrust.org.uk/regional-branches/513-kings-lynn