George Russell in the cockpit of his Mercedes.

MOTOR SPORT: George Russell said his Mercedes-AMG team is yet to get the most out of its cars following a difficult weekend at Formula One’s Emilia Romagna Grand Prix in Imola.

Russell finished in P4 in wet conditions in Italy after a determined day of racing, collecting 12 points after starting down the grid in P11.

But the West Norfolk driver said issues with tyres taking longer to warm up when compared to races held in hotter climates could cause problems if not addressed. 

Russell said: “I’m relatively pleased to maximise the points available this weekend.  Whether we’re getting the most out of the car is a different story and I do think things have fallen slightly in our favour with these first four races.

“I’m really happy with this P4, but if we want to sustain this position in the championship, we need to find more pace.

“We’ve got these overall limitations with the car with the bouncing, and we know that we are struggling with the tyre warm up and this is the coldest race weekend we’ve had by far this year.

“I think it’s been a bit of a trend since Bahrain, we’ve progressively gotten a bit slower in qualifying, and I think that’s because Bahrain is the hottest we’ve experienced so there was no problem with tyre warm up.

“Then we went to Jeddah, and it was still hot, but the track was a bit smoother. Melbourne, a bit cooler. Here, very cold.

“And that’s when you see the McLarens, Alpines, and Haases coming into their own but then struggling a bit more in the race.

“We need to find a better compromise because we were fortunate today, we had a decent result, but ultimately, we were starting far too low on the grid.”

Russell heads to the USA next for the Miami Grand Prix on Sunday, May 8.