King’s Lynn adult beginner and junior intermediate certificate winners.

MARTIAL ARTS: A total of 22 West Norfolk students were among 122 from the Mark Farnham Schools of Tae Kwon-Do to achieve gradings at another 100 per cent showing for the schools.

The schools have been established since November 1987 and four times a year the 16 schools have the opportunity to take part in colour belt grading examinations.

Students start at white belt and work though yellow, green, blue and red belt grades until they are ready to aim for their black belts, which they take at Bristol in front of a panel of five, 9th dan grandmaster examiners.

To get to that stage normally takes about four years.

The latest gradings were taken by grandmaster Ron Sergiew 9th dan and included students from the King’s Lynn and Downham Market schools.

Successful candidates were: King’s Lynn – 9th Kup: Lidian Apostol, Darius Dumbrava, Una McWade, Jemma Redhead, Daniel Whiteside.

8th Kup: Graham Byng, Borislav Kyovbashiev, George Reed, Callum Tovey.

7th Kup: Indre Kukanauske.

6th Kup: Riley Harris, Charlie Johnson, Corbyn Mason.

4th Kup: Diya Gopinath.

1st Kup: Weronika Geite.

3rd Star Black Belt: Nikita Celinskis, Ryan Mattocks.

Downham Market – 7th Kup: Jonas Masiulionis, Daniel Pye, Gabriel Mrazek.

4th Kup: Joseph Burt.

1st Kup: Jack Steventon.

Anyone interested in learning a martial arts and Tae Kwon-Do in a friendly, fun atmosphere should contact Mark Farnham, 0777 1644460 or visit the website.

λ All the students from Kuk Sool Won, King’s Lynn’s Traditional Korean Martial Arts School showed great effort in their grading week.

They remembered many moves in their empty hand forms and self-defence techniques, which felt strange after so long without contact due to Covid.

Students also demonstrated board breaking, break falling skills, kicks and hand strikes

The school is back and looking to introduce new students to the school – young or mature, whether they have done martial arts before or are a complete beginner. 

To book a free introduction, call Darren Brown, 0754 5239300, email or visit the website.