Phil Nicholas with his catch.

ANGLING: Fishing has been excellent at Blackdyke Trout Fly Fishery this week. That is not surprising, considering the restock last week. 

However, the first part of the week was near impossible to fly fish and only the truly hardy had a go. 

Mark and Olly Jary fished in the worst of the weather but still managed double figures.

Conditions improved, bringing more anglers to the banks. 

Many of them caught high double figures with some notables being Gordon Curtis with 23, his personal best at Blackdyke on a black snake. 

Graham Shepherd got 20 on a yellow dancer and Martin Smith had a staggering 36, also mostly on dancers.

The flies the fish were taking varied. Large and small lures, buzzers, nymphs and dries off the top or just below worked well.