From left, Alison Watson, pictured with her late mother Margaret Watson and sister Carolyn Sex.

A donation from a Your Local Paper reader has touched the hearts of fundraisers.

Alison Watson, of Downham Market, donated to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital’s Dementia Care Appeal by completing one of the special donation coupons in YLP.

She also included a letter and a moving poem about dementia written in memory of her mother, Margaret Watson, who was diagnosed with dementia three years before she died, aged 86 in May 2019.  

Laurence Morlaas, the hospital’s fundraising executive, said she was moved by the beautiful poem and the way it so accurately reflected the impact dementia has on families.

Miss Watson wrote: “An evil disease tried to take you from me, an invisible menace no one could see. A greater injustice there never will be, but now it’s all over your soul can fly free.

“What you made of the world I can only surmise, an alien place that must surely comprise, a cocktail of wickedness, strangers and lies, the incomprehension written large in your eyes.

“Familiar comforts you struggled to find, as fear and confusion played games with your mind.  The words and the actions so cruel and unkind, are not the impression that you’ve left behind.

“For I can remember the beauty in you, the genuine person, the spirit so true, those wonderful moments so real but too few, when storm clouds would part and the sun would shine through.

“The special occasions when you were aware, that I was your daughter and really did care. The hugs and the kisses that we got to share, the times when you showed me that you were still there.

“I miss you my darling with each passing day, and treasure the good times, sincerely I pray, that torment and anguish have now passed away, and peace is now with you forever to stay.

“It brings me great comfort, it makes my heart glad, to know that you’re now reunited with Dad. No more to be lonely, no more to be sad, the ultimate triumph of good over bad.”

The QEH appeal is aiming to raise £40,000 for equipment and activities to help dementia patients during their stay in hospital by encouraging conversations, better interaction with staff and triggering memories.

You can donate to the appeal at:

Send cheques to:  Dementia Care Appeal, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Gayton Road, King’s Lynn, PE30 4ET.