Stock pill box image. Picture: Pixabay.

An application has been made to demolish a Second World War pillbox which is in a poor condition.

A heritage statement submitted with the application to West Norfolk Council from Mr L. Bishop, says the structure is in a “poor state of repair and an eyesore” in the rear garden of premises at Silt Road in Nordelph.

It is in the village conservation area but the statement says it is “not visible from the public domain and contributes nothing visually to the conservation area”.

It is believed to have been constructed to take anti-tank guns but brick-facing has partially collapsed and the concrete is deteriorating.

The statement says the pillbox is not specifically mentioned in a conservation statement but is identified on a plan as an “important unlisted building”. However, other similarly described unlisted structures have been demolished and it is considered, due to its condition, the pillbox should be demolished.