The presenters, from left, Chris Packham, Michaela Strachan, Gillian Burke and Iolo Williams. Picture: BBC’s Jo Charlesworth

BBC Two cameras are to return to Wild Ken Hill at Snettisham for a third season.

Presenters Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan will be presenting Winterwatch at Wild Ken Hill in Snettisham.

The series is set to return to the screens from Tuesday, January 18 for a fortnight, with a new Winter Watchlist – a list of species which viewers can look out for when out and about. 

A spokesman at Wild Ken Hill said: “We are incredibly excited to welcome The Watches back to Wild Ken Hill. Springwatch and Autumnwatch showed us some amazing behaviour from many of our favourite animals, as well as a few we never normally get the pleasure to witness. 

“We are hoping that Winterwatch will spring many more surprises and really showcase the wonderful wildlife of West Norfolk once more.”

At Wild Ken Hill, the presenters will be exploring a whole host of wildlife, both from Norfolk and also stories from further afield in the country. 

They’ll be comparing the UK’s mustelid populations, looking at stoats, weasels, pine martens and a group of polecats found down the coast, the spokesman said.

For the first time, Winterwatch will have live wildlife cameras in all three presenter locations in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Norfolk. 

A live fixed-rig daytime camera on the grazing marsh at Wild Ken Hill is set to witness the huge array of wading birds which feed there and is set to include widgeon, teal, curlew, oystercatchers and pink footed geese. 

A Winterwatch spokesman said: “We’ll have cameras in the beaver enclosure and have plans to maybe try to put a camera inside the lodge.

“We’ll also have cameras on the river to capture otters, goshawks and herons and we’ll have our usual array of winter experiments to see what we can understand about the feeding habits of our favourite passerine birds;  yellowhammers, linnets and reed buntings.” 

The Watches’ digital team will be on hand to answer viewers’ wildlife-related questions on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Springwatch and Autumnwatch were both filmed at Wild Ken Hill, a 4,000-acre estate, last June and October.

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