Youngsters from 26 primary schools came together for the Active Kids Festival in King’s Lynn. Pictures: Ian Burt

Running, jumping, throwing, catching and even “splatting the monster” were all enjoyed  by pupils from across the borough.

Twenty-six primary schools got involved in the Active Kids Festival held throughout the week at Lynnsport in King’s Lynn, with 360 children aged from five to seven enjoying a programme of sporting activities.

Emma Woods, West Norfolk  Schools Partner, said: “Due to the pandemic, it was the first time some children had been on a coach for a school trip and had seen children from other schools.

“They used bowling balls, played football dribble, splat the monster, skittles and boccia – lots of different activities.”

Mrs Woods, based at King Edward VII Academy (KES), Lynn, said she hoped the festival would inspire youngsters to remain active.

She said: “Especially after the pandemic, it’s good for children after being at home.”