The way ahead. Dan Buhlemann is at the heart of supporting the local sports community.Picture: IAN BURT.

Community is everything.

It brings people together, makes them feel part of something and creates a sense of belonging. It doesn’t always have to be something that involves location but, when it comes to smaller areas or organisations, it certainly helps.

As a tiny part of the Your Local Paper team, I’m proud to help serve our community with a free weekly newspaper to enjoy. Giving something back through initiatives like our Your Corner student writer programme is important but it’s what I’ve grown up around.

For most of my 34 years, I’ve surrounded myself with people who give something back – be it local football coaches, running club leaders or teachers. They inspire me and it’s great to be a part of the community they’ve created.

People like Dan Buhlemann are a prime example and he deserves all the praise in the world for his impact on West Norfolk sport with King’s Lynn Community Football. I’ve known Bully for the best part of 20 years and he’s one of the nicest guys you can meet. He wasn’t a bad footballer either, although I look back less fondly on chasing his shadow around pitches.

I was delighted to see that KLCF have recently joined Alive West Norfolk and are now operating under the Alive banner as Alive KLCF. It’ll further strengthen their links and reach in the community, having already given more than 20 years of service with a variety of schemes that have given sporting opportunities to players of almost all ages, abilities and disabilities.

With Tommy Goode’s involvement at Alive – a man who I have the utmost respect for after putting up with me at college – it’s going to be a sure-fire success story in terms of making Alive KLCF even more accessible across the district.

The partnership comes off the back of KLCF being awarded Norfolk FA Grassroots Club of the Year for 2020-21. The honour recognised the quality and breadth of the football programme on offer, with more than 250 players in the organisation’s Elite programme as well as other areas. Like any body looking to expand, Alive KLCF are now hoping to add new faces to their community as they look to give more back to the one they work and live in.

It’ll be the most rewarding experience, whether it’s a paid or volunteering position that interests. It’s a respected group that deserves to be praised to the hilt and one we should all be very proud of to have in our area.

Email for more details about getting involved.

Evening with Youngs is cancelled

There’s more important things in life than sport and business.

Ben Youngs has family worries.

That is exactly why we have decided to postpone the return of our Caney’s Corner Live events. 

England and Leicester rugby star Ben Youngs was set to be our fourth sporting guest in King’s Lynn on Monday, November 22, but news broke earlier this week that his sister-in-law is seriously ill for a second time.

While his brother Tom has taken an indefinite leave from rugby and Ben looks set to carry on playing, it doesn’t escape the fact that it’s a deeply upsetting time for what is a close-knit family.

The last thing we want to be doing is sticking Ben on a stage in front of an audience to open up about his career, memories and family, while the health of Tiffany is in such a poor state.

Our thoughts are with her, Tom, Ben, the rest of the Youngs family and anyone else who knows Tiff. 

Refunds will follow and news of a new guest for our rescheduled fourth show will come in due course.

Hats off to team that lost 40-0

All social media jokes aside – and plenty were pretty funny – shipping almost half-a-century of goals is no laughing matter.

But it’s what happened to Peterborough and District Football League Division Five Sawtry Reserves on Saturday as they lost 40-0, yes FORTY, to Peterborough Rangers.

It must have been a humiliating afternoon for the team who shipped a goal pretty much every two minutes. Yet despite the mammoth hammering, the eight players who turned out still deserve all sorts of credit.

They could have quite comfortably just walked off the pitch but they stuck it out until the end while the goals kept flying in.

With only eight players, they needn’t have even fulfilled the fixture. Plenty of sides would have just forfeited the result and another Saturday would have been spent with yet more football players kicking their heels.

Sawtry could have started lashing out and forced the game to have been postponed as they fell further behind while possibly injuring their opponents in the process. Yet it seems like they soldiered on in an amicable manner.

I’m not quite sure how they managed to concede 40 goals and not put up more resistance – even with a couple of 50-somethings.

Yet the eight players tried for 90 minutes, which is better than so many others did by sitting on the sofa instead.