An offer has been accepted of help towards mediation to sort out ongoing problems between a town council and market traders

The leader of West Norfolk Borough Council offered support towards expert mediation in a bid to help resolve the current issues at Downham Market Town Council.

Stuart Dark contacted with town council with the offer of a financial commitment to help fund mediation.

Last week he said: “I appreciate the community concern with regards to recent reports in the media. 

“I am pleased to say that we have been contacted by representatives from all sides who have agreed to constructively engage in mediation.

“Our monitoring officer is now going to work with the parties to find an appropriate provider and commence the process promptly.”

The move has been welcomed by South West Norfolk MP Liz Truss who said: “It is a positive step forward and I am extremely pleased that the offer from King’s Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council to assist with mediation has been supported by all Downham Market town councillors.”

The town council has found itself at loggerheads with some residents following a row over the market.

A September town council meeting was suspended and the police called during a heated row with members of the public.

It stems back to anger over the delayed re-opening of the market following lockdown and the licences of two traders being revoked.