Shanice pictured at Christmas. Pictures: Caroline Chelsom.

A heartbroken mum has paid tribute to her “beautiful and inspirational” daughter who has died just 12 days before her 21st birthday.

Shanice Myers, of South Lynn, died on Monday after suffering from a rare and aggressive spine and brain cancer.

“As she took her last breath, it was just the two of us. She died in my arms at home at noon,” said her devastated mum Caroline Chelsom.

“Shanice touched so many hearts, a beautiful, inspirational, caring and strong young lady who had only just started her life path.”

In March, Shanice, who lived with her mum and 15-year-old brother Kye, was diagnosed with diffuse midline glioma with histone H3 K27M gene mutation, after experiencing excruciating pain in her back and numbness in her leg.

Miss Chelsom said: “I was holding her hand in Addenbrooke’s Hospital (in Cambridge) as we were told the awful news Shanice had two to six months left to live, the shock was unreal to us both.”

The following month, Shanice who had worked at McDonald’s in King’s Lynn and West Lynn, decided to launch an online fundraising page titled “Enjoy Everyday Fund” to help make memories with her mum and brother with what time she had left.

Within two of days of the fundraising page going live, it had been shared more than 480 times and raised £2,655, beating her £2,500 target.

She told Your Local Paper at the time: “I want everyone to know how appreciative I am for that, it means so much to me because I honestly feel I have won the lottery.” 

However, in the following months, Shanice’s health deteriorated and she became fully paralysed.

Shanice Myers as a child.

“I could do nothing to save her, we battled at home day after day with Shanice in bed unable to move and in constant pain and suffering. But now my beautiful girl is no longer in pain,” said Miss Chelsom.

“I’m totally devastated and life will never be the same without Shanice, she was loved by so many people.”

Miss Chelsom is now planning to give her daughter a “send-off like the little princess she was”, with a funeral service due to take place on Thursday, October 21.

To help her meet the cost, Shanice’s close friend Alina Subbotina has organised an online fundraising page. 

“She was always there for everyone no matter what, she would always be the one friend you could approach for a chat as she would be so understanding.

“Shanice would light up the room with her positive energy, always cracking jokes making everyone laugh,” Miss Subbotina said on the fundraising page.

“Since leaving school Shanice was very hardworking, she was always working full time doing overtime day in day out, she would never ask anyone for help.

“As you could imagine any normal 20-year-old would now have been planning on having the best party of their life for their 21st birthday with their friends and family, however, Shanice didn’t get to do any of that.”

Other tributes poured in for Shanice, with one saying: “A beautiful girl deserves a beautiful send-off”.

And another post on social media said: “I have never known anyone to have such a positive outlook on their illness, you were a true fighter.”

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