Paul Kunes, cabinet member for environment, with one of the new smart bins in Hunstanton.

Ten new solar-powered smart litter bins have been installed in Hunstanton.

The bins, located on the Upper Green, can take around eight times as much litter as a typical street bin.

Paul Kunes, West Norfolk Council’s cabinet member for environment, said: “These smart bins use solar power to compact rubbish and alert us when they’re full. 

“They will also tell the public if they’re full and to use a nearby bin. They’re hygienic, you use a foot pedal to open the bin door and the hatch closes itself, keeping the seagulls out.”

Funding for the bins, installed by West Norfolk Council, has come from the Norfolk Strategic Fund, a countywide package of measures worth £2.25m to support the visitor economy. 

“We’ve picked this area as many people come and sit on the green with their fish and chips and the sunshine here will power the bins,” said Mr Kunes. 

The bins were installed in the seaside town last month and the council has said data from the bins has shown they are used the most during the late afternoon, most commonly after 5pm. 

They are also used the most when the weather is good, with one of the bins reported being used up to 140 times in one day.

Mr Kunes added: “These bins help keep the Upper Green tidy and make the decision to stay later in the day in Hunstanton a more attractive proposition for visitors and nicer for residents, hopefully extending the period of people enjoying the resort later and helping the local economy.”