Aaron Alexander endured a frustrating weekend in Wales.

MOTOR SPORT: West Norfolk kart ace Aaron Alexander and his team mate Kieran Lambert, from Mansfield, are sitting pretty at the top of the British Pro-kart Endurance Championships standings after an eventful pair of rounds at Llandow in Wales.

Two six-hour races formed rounds five and six of the championship and for the opening race Alexander started from second on the grid out of 34 other race teams.

A perfect set-up allowed him to open a four-second lead only for the race director to black flag him as he claimed he had crossed the line in the rolling start a split second early.

It meant Alexander had to go into the pits for a drive-through stop and go penalty. His complaint that a kart from behind had pushed him forward went unheeded.

The team changed their race strategy with Alexander doing a double stint, driving for two hours 45 minutes with one pit stop for fuel. 

He managed to get the team up to sixth place before handing over for Lambertto to drive the final three hours 15 minutes.

He drove his socks off and managed to get into the lead but was pipped to the chequered flag after dropping a place at the final fuel stop.

The Full Send Racing team were told they would have to use pooled engines provided by RPM race engines for Sunday’s second race and were already handicapped by new controlled tyres that had to be fitted on Saturday evening.

Alexander started from sixth on the grid for his three-hour race stint.

Lambert took over for the second half but the team suffered a second black flag for contact with another race kart.

Thankfully, by then, the pair had built up a one-lap lead so Lambert soon managed to get the lead back after the final mandatory fuel stop.

He held on to take victory in the Pro Class , giving them the championship lead. 

The next rounds are in Rowrah, Cumbria later this month.