Ben Barker is positive he still has plenty left to give at the age of 33.

SPEEDWAY: Ben Barker has paid tribute to King’s Lynn for handing him a dream return to the Premiership.

And one thing you know you’re going to get from the Cornishman is all-out effort – no bottling it by shutting off going into the turn.

He said: “I know I’ve been around a few years now but I still feel I’ve got plenty of time left in my career yet at the age of 33. 

“Just look at Scotty Nicholls, still riding as well as ever and look where Greg Hancock got to in the Grand Prix, much older than I am now.

“I feel fit and healthy and I love the sport that much I have no thoughts of retirement. I could even have over a decade more left in me.

“The key for me will be staying fit. I’ve got over some pretty nasty injuries in my career and now I need to ensure I’m as fit as possible when it comes to racing.”

Barker has revealed the sequence of events that led to his arrival at the Adrian Flux Arena.

The late-night call to him was an ironic one – after he had actually called the club asking for a job weeks ago.

“I’m just pleased to finally get my chance to ride in two leagues after signing for Lynn,” he said.

“I gave them a call a month or so ago when I could see they were struggling and asked if they could sign me and I’d show them what I could do. “They said they weren’t going to make changes at that moment and I thought nothing more of it.

“But then when I was in bed one night last week the phone rang and they asked me if I wanted to ride for them. 

“I just said ‘yes’ straight away without even talking about money. I just said yes and did the deal afterwards.

“I think I deserve to be riding in the Premiership. I’ve ridden for my country and I’ve done well in the British Final in the past.

“I had a good World Cup there in 2011, when I scored six from three rides, and I went to Gorzow for the
race-off and managed seven points when we finished last. I was going well then.

“I think I can score some useful points for Lynn in the Premiership, I know the tracks and I have plenty of experience under my belt.

“I’m relieved and delighted to have the opportunity to ride for a good club like Lynn.

“I’ve had some good meetings there in the past remember, I’m determined to have some more and I’d like to put myself in the shop window to start next season in the Premiership and not have to wait until August.

“I’m sure there are promoters out there who are already casting an eye towards 2022 when, hopefully, we can start the season in March and not May and I want to be riding in the top league right from the start.”