Former Springwood High School and College of West Anglia student, Zach Futter, who worked at Vets4Pets.

A 21-year-old motorcyclist from Gaywood died in a crash on the A10 just a week before he planned to propose marriage to “the girl of his dreams”.

Veterinary nurse Zach Futter was travelling from his girlfriend’s house to his workplace in King’s Lynn when he was involved in a collision at South Runcton at around 8.10am on January 13, 2020.

An inquest into his death held last Friday heard how a red Ford Focus pulled out of the junction at School Road leaving Mr Futter no time to react.

His Honda CBR 500 hit the driver’s side of the car, sending him over its bonnet and onto the road on the other side.

The driver of the Ford was seen to get out of the car and sink to her knees on the road with her head in her hands.

Witnesses described her as being “in floods of tears”, “hysterical” and “in shock”.

When she saw the motorcycle in the road, she asked one witness, Carol Mitchell, where the rider was, before saying: “He was a spot in the distance, he was on those little lines in the middle.”

She then kept saying: “I didn’t see him, I didn’t see him,” and “What have I done, what have I done?”

Other motorists and people living in nearby houses came to Mr Futter’s aid, carrying out CPR.

Paramedics, the air ambulance and police attended the scene but were unable to save Mr Futter, who was pronounced dead at 8.43am.

Simon Foster, of Hilgay, described Mr Futter riding his bike prior to the collision.

Mr Foster had been travelling on the A10 towards Lynn and had pulled his car over to the side to allow Mr Futter to pass. He said the motorcycle had its headlight on.

Mr Futter was riding in a “careful and controlled manner and not too fast” and had put his arm out as a thank you gesture after passing.

He said Mr Futter, who continued to travel about four or five car lengths ahead of him, did not speed off and looked like an experienced motorcyclist.

Mr Foster saw the Ford Focus pull out of the School Road junction at South Runcton immediately before the collision.

He said Mr Futter was around 20m from the junction and had “nowhere to go and no time to react”.

“I believe she may have seen my car but had not seen the motorcyclist and that is why she pulled across the carriageway,” he added.

“I have a big white estate car and am easy to see, unlike a dark motorcycle on an early morning.”

The conclusion of the police’s Forensic Collision Investigator, read out at the inquest, said: “The main factor in this collision is that the Ford emerged into the path of the Honda.

“This gave Mr Futter insufficient time and distance in which to avoid the collision.”

The inquest heard from Mr Futter’s father, Mark Futter, who said his son had been travelling to Lynn from his girlfriend’s house.

“Zach had also recently met the girl of his dreams in Rebecca, who he had obviously fallen head over heels for,” he said.

“Unbeknown to us he had planned to ask her to marry him later that week. Only his best friend had been in on this plan, the ring bought and waiting at the shop ready to be collected later that week.

“The police found the receipt in his wallet and told us.

“We will never get to hear that happy news from them. Never get to attend their wedding, help them set up home together, or see any grandchildren they may have had.”

He said his son had excelled at Vets4Pets, where he worked, and had always been good with animals.

His son loved heavy metal music and was also a keen motorcyclist, with ambitions to ride for the bloodbank charity transferring blood between hospitals.

He said: “On the 13th of January 2020 at 8.10am our world stood still on hearing the devastating news that our beloved son Zach was not coming home.

“You don’t expect your lovely, carefree, beautiful son to no longer be a part of your life.

“We have six sons, and will always have six sons, but one of them will now remain 21 forever. A large part of my heart died on January 13.

“I will carry this scar for the rest of my life and things will never be the same again. I will always miss my son who should never have been taken from us.”

Assistant coroner Johanna Thompson recorded a verdict that the cause of death was a haemorrhage due to a road traffic collision.