Stock architecture. Picture: Pixabay

A new £26 million pumping station is set to be built at Islington near King’s Lynn as part of the government’s Flood and Coastal Erosion Investment Plan.

The Water Management Alliance and King’s Lynn Internal Drainage Board is working with the Environment Agency on the facility, which it says will protect 2,000 homes and businesses.

The new pumping station will be capable of pumping 16,000 litres of water per second.

The investment is part of plans for £5.2 billion of investment over the next six years and is one of 100 flood schemes to benefit in East Anglia.

Mark Johnson, of the Environment Agency, said: “Together, we prioritise our investment not only where it will protect the most properties but also where it will make the biggest difference to all aspects of community life – including wellbeing, the environment and economic regeneration.”