Outside views of Lynn’s historic Guildhall.

A  workshop is set to be held to develop a vision for King’s Lynn’s historic Guildhall – the country’s oldest working theatre.

Representatives from the creative and arts, education and business sectors are set to collaborate to come up with  a vision for the historic St George’s Guildhall.

The Town Deal Board, working with partners, will then produce a detailed business case and apply for match funding to help the vision to become reality, a release issued this week said.

The Guildhall and Creative Hub Stakeholder Community Group, a sub-group of the Town Deal Board, has been established to bring together potential users and those with an interest in creative industries. 

The group’s chairman Michael Baldwin said: “St George’s Guildhall is a hugely important historical and cultural asset in King’s Lynn and we are absolutely committed to upgrading and restoring it, enhancing its offer in the town.

“But we want to do this in collaboration.

“We want to come up with a single, coherent, and impactful vision that will allow the Guildhall to maximise its role in the town, creating positive benefits culturally, historically, and socially for the community.”

The release said a key partner involved in the development of the vision is Shakespeare’s Guildhall Trust, which provides a forum for Guildhall users.

Mr Baldwin said: “Shakespeare’s Guildhall Trust has an important role to play in shaping a long-term plan for the Guildhall, and brings knowledge, insight and passion for the venue.

“We are very pleased to be working together, along with other interested partners, as one voice to set out a vision for the Guildhall.”

He added that all involved shared a commitment to the Guildhall and to securing its future as a sustainable, inclusive, and accessible venue for the town.

Local people will also be able to share their views at a public consultation taking place in the coming year. 

In the meantime, comments can be made via Vision King’s Lynn’s website: visionkingslynn.co.uk