Stock forest image. Picture: Pixabay.

A teacher from West Norfolk has launched an appeal to help her create a forest school at the school where she works.

Lucy Downham, of Terrington St John, is hoping to raise funds in order to buy the various materials she will need, such as fire pits, cooking resources for outdoor cooking, fence posts, den building equipment, wire and plants, plus a shelter for the children to use during the winter months and other resources to run a programme of green activities.

“We are starting from scratch and want to raise as much as possible to help set up the forest school.

“This is such an important and valued opportunity for our children, especially after the difficult year of lockdown and their missed learning, social and life experience opportunities,” said Miss Downham, who works for Peckover Primary School in Fenland.

“One of the main principles of any forest school is to develop physical, cognitive, emotional, linguistic, social and spiritual aspects of learners.

“We want to offer exactly this to our children through a unique educational experience using the outdoor environment, providing children with rich amounts of learning opportunities such as emotional wellbeing, improved mental health, learning by experience, social skills and many more.

“We want every child to grow up with memorable experiences and we want to do the upmost to promote their holistic development, fostering resilience, confidence and independent individuals.

“We believe we owe it to our children to provide the very best learning support we can but we just need your support in achieving it.”

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