Joel Espley was third in the 5K.

ATHLETICS: It was a busy weekend for Renegade Runners.

The Sandringham Half Marathon was started by royalty but right royal mistakes during the event saw more than 40 runners sent in the wrong direction with only just over 12 miles run, which unfortunately led to some runners being abusive to marshals. 

Other than that the runners enjoyed the scenery, and were impressed with the medal and T-shirt. With improvements by the organisers, it could lead to be a good running event. 

Position wise, Oliver Foxwell was ninth, Ben Foxwell 17th, Paul Richardson 106th, Jonny Cockerill 122nd, David Whitby 140th, Darren Price 186th, Brad Melville 188th, Jason Blackwell 239th, Andrew McNamara 249th, Michael Doherty 498th, Diane Beaver 500th, Jane Perham 538th, Clare Kitchener 565th, Jennifer Cook 571st, Andy Doyle 582nd, Kerrie Page 583rd, Lisa Lammiman 590th, Emily Davies 610th, Suzanne Pembery 638th and Clive Woolnough 658th.

In the 5k, which was actually nearer to 5.6k, Joel Espley had a fabulous run to finish third overall. Other positions were Henry Gosnell 28th, Ramune Simanaviciene 46th, Gavin Pollard 53rd, Sally Panks 143rd, Cheryl Brown 157th and 158th Lynne Eborall. 

In the mile race, it was fabulous to see so many Renegade Rockets taking part with Cody Pearman coming home in second place overall. 

At the Thetford Trails Half Marathon, Albert Koulman had a fabulous run, finishing in one hour 40. Mark Shrimpton returned to racing after a long lay off and broke two hours to finish in 1 hour 59 minutes. 

Starting on Saturday at 8am and running through to 8am on Sunday, many Renegades took part in a 24-hour event aimed at raising money for the Callum Pite Smile charity.

Robert Skillings covered 105 miles with Jake Jackson close behind on 100 miles.

Many more runners completed more than 50 miles, including event organiser Adam Hitchcock who put so much of his own time and effort into making the event the success it was. 

Callum Pite’s uncle and aunt, James and Leo Munson also took on the 24-hour challenge 

The Renegade Wheelers cycling section also took part in the event with Alan Colby, Daniel Moore, Mark Moden and Dan Price covering 80 miles.