Chris Bamfield.

A funeral service was held yesterday (Tuesday) for West Norfolk man Chris Bamfield, who went missing while windsurfing last year.

Mr Bamfield, 65, of Middleton, was last seen on November 14 at Hunstanton and extensive searches were carried out.

The service, at Mintlyn in King’s Lynn, was held after Mr Bamfield’s body was found in Sweden. 

Lynn Town Hall and the town’s Corn Exchange were lit-up red in his memory yesterday evening and Mr Bamfield’s family, wife Vanessa and children Ashton and Jamie, said on West Norfolk Council’s Facebook page: “Our hero. The rudder that guided our ship through life. As he brought light to the town, let the light bring life to his memory.” 

A page has been set up to share memories of the retired council executive director and the family asked for donations in lieu of flowers for King’s Lynn Sea cadets.

After Mr Bamfield’s disappearance, almost £12,000 was raised for the RNLI as a thank you to search teams.