Litter pickers from the Rotary Club of King’s Lynn, Mike Douglass, Geoff Cheney, Pip Rippengill, Paul Kunes, Michael Pellizzaro and Helen Rippengill.

As part of World Environment Day, three Rotary clubs in King’s Lynn – Priory, Trinity and King’s Lynn –  organised litter picks around the town.

Trinity covered South and North Wootton concentrating on the commons, park areas and the connecting paths and roads. 

Altogether around six kilos of paper, cardboard, plaster film, plastic and glass bottles, tin cans and some face masks were bagged last Saturday.

Peter Harris, Trinity president, said: “We had a lovely day to be out and about and although we did not find a lot of litter, it was still rewarding to leave the area cleaner than when we found it. 

“We met a lot of people while doing it and raised awareness of what Rotary was doing on environmental issues. 

“We hope being clean now will make people think twice before discarding waste and use the bins provided or, if there are none there, to take it home with them.”

Fourteen members and friends of Priory collected litter from the cycle routes leading away from Lynnsport towards the St Nicholas Trading Estate and to Gaywood Road collecting around 15 bags of litter and recyclables including a piece of blue plastic pipe about six metres long. 

Some of the Rotary litter pickers.

“We were encouraged that there was less litter than when we last cleaned up these areas about six weeks ago” said Derek Stringer, club president.

Seven members of the Rotary Club of King’s Lynn picked litter from the Gayton Road Cemetery, around the park on Fairstead and across to the Hardwick Estate, collecting some six bags of rubbish in just under two hours. 

Paul Kunes, organiser, club member and West Norfolk councillor, added: “Fortunately the weather was good for us all, so although we don’t like the idea of having to pick up rubbish left by others, it was quite a pleasant walk. 

“The borough council were very helpful, lending us the litter picking kits, and assisting in disposing of the rubbish.”

A Rotary spokesman said: “While we have all felt the negative side of the pandemic there has been many inspirational acts by people to looking after their neighbours and helping in their communities. 

“This is what Rotary does and it has a new focus on protecting the environment.” 

All three Lynn clubs are developing environmental initiatives and newcomers are  welcome to join.

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