Norfolk’s Temporary Assistant Chief Constable Julie Wvendth. Picture: Norfolk Police

Police are urging the public to “safely and sensibly” enjoy the first weekend of pubs and restaurants being fully open.

The message comes as Covid restrictions eased further this week, allowing venues providing hospitality to welcome customers back indoors.

Indoor venues such as cinemas and children’s play areas also re-opened after being closed for more than five months, although restrictions still apply.

A maximum of six people or two households are able to gather inside and a maximum of 30 people able to get together outdoors.

With both indoor and outdoor businesses and beauty spots expecting to see people once again return, council, health and police leaders have all urged people to cautious and careful by sticking to the restrictions in place as they enjoy their new-found freedoms.

Temporary Assistant Chief Constable Julie Wvendth said: “We expect people to take full advantage of this next step in easing restrictions and would simply ask people to enjoy themselves but to do so safely and sensibly, following the instructions of staff at any premises.

“We have additional officers on duty across the weekend who will be able to respond and deal with any issues which might arise.”

The Norfolk Public Health figures for Covid case rates in the week up to May 14 from the week before, saw a drop in King’s Lynn and West Norfolk, from 25.8 per cent per 100,000 to 21.1 – a 17.9 per cent fall.

Louise Smith, Norfolk’s director of public health added: “We’ve been living with lockdown restrictions for some time, and I know many people will want to go out and celebrate their easing, but it is vital we all do so carefully.

“If we want to see more restrictions lifted we have to keep the spread of the virus low, and that means being cautious, being responsible and respecting social distancing.”