An animal rescue charity is appealing for donations after eight dogs and a cat were all discovered barely alive.

Ravenswood Pet Rescue at Walton Highway, rescued the emaciated animals discovered alongside 26 dead dogs.

Their woman owner had died at the Fenland property and it is believed she had been dead for some time.

In a Facebook post on Monday, the team at Ravenswood said it had been one of the hardest weeks ever.

“We are still struggling to cope with the situation we faced and pray its something we never have to do again,” the post said.

“We were called to help the police at 10.30pm on Thursday night with a horrific situation.  We of course jumped in our vans and headed straight over but nothing could prepare us for what we were going to be faced with.”

The post said the surviving nine animals were taken into care of a veterinary practice.

It continued: “This was an experience we can’t even describe and we are sorry it was too late for the others.

“All we can do now is pray for the eight dogs and cat we managed to save. All are still with us and we are hoping there isn’t long-term damage physically to them, mentally they are all doing well, they are of course protective over their food but who can blame them.

“We are all affected by what we had to deal with so please bare with us. We are struggling a little.” 

The charity said it will post updates on its Facebook page. An online fundraising page has been launched to help pay for vet bills.

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