Some of the Renegade Runners at Marham: Cassie Moden, Mitchell Bunn, Claire Chamberlain, Heidi Bunn, Zoe Fiander, Cody Pearman, Nathan Yeaman and Ruby Smith.Picture: Sal Moden.

ATHLETICS: Renegade Runners were at Marham mass numbers in terms of runners and volunteers, who helped make the race happen.

Mitchell Bunn, on the day before his 19th birthday, showed his continued progress on a testing day with heat, wind and a tougher course to contend with, running 36.09 to finish second overall.

Cassie Moden also had a successful day, crossing the line as second female in 42.56, equalling her personal best time.

Nathan Yeaman also performed exceptionally well, smashing his PB by more than four minutes with 42.14. 

Other times were: Danny Smith 38.34, Oliver Foxwell 38.37, Ben Foxwell 41.24, Steve Bennington 42.24, Cody Pearman 42.47, Ian Todd 43.13, Dan Pratt 43.21, David Whitby 44.25, Paul Richardson 44.51, Heidi Bunn 48.20, Andy Doyle 48.52, Steve Eke 49.15, Barry Smith 49.22, Matty Parker 50.14, Nick Mackay 50.28, Rob Gosnell 51.24, Mike Pembery 51.45, Wendy Fisher 52.20, Tiegan Moore 53.05, Wiki Marcinek 53.28, Ramune Simanaviciene 53.31, Ruby Smith 54.00, Charlotte Son-Barrett 56.53, Dave Dimech 56.56, Jean Streeter 56.56, Lisa Lammiman 57.41, Ian Mitchell 59.13, Dan Moore 60.04, Peggy Wilson 60.12, Charlie Mitchell 60.36, Suzanne Pembery 63.36, Tally Doyle 64.22, Lisa Lee 65.12, Andrea Kidman 66.34, Kathryn Littlewood 66.34, Claire Chamberlain 67.15, Zoe  Fiander 67.27, Charlie Pyatt 97.00.

Irena Marcinek sacrificed her own run to aid a fallen runner and other finishers included: Lynne Eborall, Rachel Morgan, Cheryl Brown, Kerry Taylor, Catherine Crisp, Anita Oram, Emma Peak, Dan Price, Thomas Brown and Janet Foxwell. 

Renegade volunteers were Helen Driver, Shelley Yeaman, Adam Hitchcock, Jimmy Hornigold, Bernie Lee, Julie Pyatt and Sal Moden.