A waterlogged Walks pitch ahead of Saturday’s scheduled kick-off against Solihull. Pictures: IAN BURT.

FOOTBALL: Every cloud (or rain cloud) has a silver lining, following Saturday’s late call-off of the Solihull Moors fixture. 

I hasten to add that I have sympathy for the visitors, following what was to prove a wasted journey to West Norfolk. We have all been there and it isn’t nice to prepare for a game, only to see all of that work wasted. 

With both teams’ forthcoming fixture schedule overloaded, the only available date open was Tuesday, May 25, which will mean there will be two chances for Linnets fans to see the team in live action before the season concludes. 

By the time you are reading these notes, we will have met local authorities to confirm the ground capacity for the matches against Solihull and, on the 29th, Aldershot Town, along with the arrangements in place for selling tickets. 

A visit to www.kltown.co.uk will provide the information you will need. 

It was disappointing to lose last weekend’s game after several weeks of dry weather were followed by the first meaningful rainfall for many weeks around six hours ahead of the scheduled kick-off. 

Yes, the rain was heavy for a short while during the morning, but the club are concerned that the extra drainage installed last summer failed to do its job.

I spent a couple of hours or so on the end of a fork, attempting to clear some of the surface water that had built up from around 11.30, when the weather was at it worst. 

Pitch-perfect conditions for two flying wingers .Pictures: IAN BURT.

I was struck at how hard the pitch is below the initial top two inches, thus stopping water soaking into the many miles of drainage now under the pitch. 

It is something that will have to be investigated as soon as the season is complete. If the problem isn’t remedied, we face the threat of even the lightest rain causing problems. I’m sure the problem will be resolved. 

Any action will need to be fast as there is a strong possibility the pitch will be needed again within six weeks of the end of the current campaign, due to the shortened close season. 

On the next two Saturdays we are holding working parties to tidy a few areas at the ground ahead of our final two home games. 

If you have an hour or so spare between 10am and 2pm tomorrow and the following Saturday, your help will be greatly appreciated. 

Alternatively, if you have spare time during the week, we usually have someone at the ground to let you in between 10am and 4pm if you wish to donate some time to the cause. 

For further information, give the club a call, 01553 760060, or drop an email to me – mark@kltown.co.uk

We have already had some help in this week and any time that anyone has to lend a hand will be greatly appreciated.

Tommy is really not dangerous

Musician Tom Dunbar was due to sponsor Lynn on Saturday.

FOOTBALL: One man who was upset at Saturday’s postponement was locally born musician Tom Dunbar, or Tommy Dangerous as he is known to his fans.

He was due to sponsor the game as Tom is, in fact, far from dangerous, having grown up in the area. He also worked here before moving away to concentrate on a career in music. 

Now an occasional visitor to West Norfolk, Tom is keen to do more for his beloved home town and wants to become involved in further sponsorships with the club when, hopefully, his music career takes off. His first single will be released on Spotify later this month. 

He named Defty brothers, Jack and Charlie, as his two stand-out players from his time supporting the Linnets from the terraces. 

Tom will be back in town for the rearranged Solihull match.