King’s Lynn Town general manager Mark Hearle is keen to see social media companies do more to police their platforms.

FOOTBALL: Like most of football, and the local media, the Linnets took part in a close down of social media from Friday afternoon to midnight Monday. 

It was in protest to make the likes of Twitter and Facebook do more to cut online abuse. 

The subject has been highlighted again recently with some high-profile players being subjected to senseless abuse and even death threats from people who really do need to take a long look at themselves. 

There have been a few prosecutions for those who see it as being acceptable to take part in this sort of thing, but others have got away without any kind of punishment, which is totally wrong. 

Of course, we will have to wait and see what good, if any, the weekend away from social media will do in the grand scheme of things. 

These companies earn millions of dollars per year from their platforms and have to take some responsibility for what happens on them. 

The vast majority of people who use them are sensible and use it in the way it should be, and for those, whose coverage of our two games was spoiled on Saturday and Monday, I can only apologise. As always, it is usually the few who spoil it for the majority. 

I am sure that there will be other days set aside in the future when something similar may take place again. 

If the protests are continuous then there may be some kind of ‘stepping up to the plate’ from the people who should be policing these platforms. 

Let’s hope that the action will, in the end, see the results that so many of us want to see.