Propane heater.

A county fire officer is urging business owners to take extra care with outdoor heaters.

Jon Wilby, group manager of Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service, wants hospitality venues to check their fire risk assessments following fires involving outdoor heaters at two venues, one of which was in Hunstanton, where a gas canister from a patio heater ignited in a gazebo.

At a pub in another part of the county, a patio heater caught fire in a marquee.

Crews have also attended people’s homes following outdoor entertaining with barbecues, patio heaters and fire pits.

Some fires had spread to sheds, fences and homes. With the Bank Holiday weekend approaching, a Norfolk Police chief is also urging people to enjoy themselves safely and responsibly.

Superintendent Nathan Clark said venues were expected to busier this weekend but it was important to “play it safe” and stick to the rules”.