Head of school Suzie Hayes and pupils with the new laptops donated by Rotarians.

Learning at St Germans Academy has been revolutionised thanks to a generous donation.

The Rotary Club of King’s Lynn has provided the school with 15 Chromebooks for use in the classroom and at home.

Head of school Suzie Hayes said: “St Germans technology curriculum has been revolutionised thanks to the kind and generous donation. 

“It is so lovely to be able to have enough laptops for all children to access and use at the same time for a lesson. So far they have been used across several different areas of learning for research and creating power points, along with typing up work neatly for displays and learning how to save, edit and improve their work. 

“These Chromebooks of course can then be used for remote learning at home should the need arise. Many of our families in the recent school closure needed to share one device for multiple children of different ages. 

“We will now be able to provide additional devices for single isolations, bubble closures or whole school closure.”