Stock seal image. Picture: Pixabay.

A West Norfolk veterinary nurse is urging local people and visitors to “Give Seals Space” as part of a government-backed campaign.

The campaign has been launched by the Seal Alliance to help protect seals from the growing problem of disturbance.

It highlights the dangers to seals when people get too close or make a noise.Disturbance interrupts their rest, creates stress, wastes their energy and can result in injury or death, campaigners have said. 

Veterinary nurse Diane Westwood, of Ingoldisthorpe, said common seal females will be giving birth to their pups along the Norfolk coast anytime from May to July.  

“Be aware of your surroundings and keep dogs on a lead on local beaches. Sadly we have had instances where seals have been disturbed by members of the public and also dogs getting too close. 

“Seals can give you a nasty bite. If they are looking at you, the seal has been disturbed so please keep your distance. Never scare seals or put pups back in the sea,” she said.

Leaflets, posters and more details about the campaign can be found online at