Some of the proud hospital skydivers who completed their challenge.

Daredevil hospital staff are hoping their skydive can go ahead on Monday.

A number of staff at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn, managed to complete their skydive challenge last week, but some colleagues have been kept waiting after high winds resulted in their daredevil leap being postponed.

However, all being well, the final challengers will take to the skies on Bank Holiday Monday at Chatteris.

So far, the team has raised around £14,300 towards a £20,000 target.

It was last year 35 staff decided to take part in the challenge to raise funds for a new maternity bereavement suite.

The skydive was due to take place last autumn but has been re-arranged a few times due to the pandemic.

Some of the proud hospital skydivers who completed their challenge.

The purpose-built Butterfly Suite is set to open in the autumn and will provide a dedicated and welcoming place for families who have lost their babies either during or shortly after birth. It will also give them the opportunity to create precious memories.

The skydiving team of colleagues across all professions in the trust, included Ann Deane, hospital information services manager,  who said she wanted to take part to provide a comforting environment for families experiencing grief and heartache. 

Midwife Emma Brown, who also took part, said: “As a midwife, I am always inspired by the courage and incredible strength of families who have had a pregnancy loss. I really want to help provide a dedicated bereavement suite to give families a quiet and safe space in these incredibly difficult times.

“The new bereavement suite will provide families not only with a space to grieve, but a space to make memories with their baby however they choose.”

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