Ivan and Maureen with Becky Backham at the Hunstanton shop. Pictures: Ian Burt

A long-standing West Norfolk businessman will be shutting up shop on Sunday, retiring after more than 30 years. 

Ivan Wolfe has decided to close Wolfy’s Photographic Shop at Hunstanton saying a combination of his age, Covid, Brexit and new technology had led him to decide it was time to close Wolfy’s for good.

“Covid has knocked the stuffing out of us. We’ve had no weddings, no schools, just nothing,” he said.

“I am 69 and, with the lease coming to an end, it’s time to get out of it. I can’t face another lockdown.”

In 1987, Mr Wolfe and his wife Maureen opened a shop in Greevegate in the coastal town.

At one stage, there were Wolfy’s shops in King’s Lynn, Hunstanton, Fakenham and Swaffham.

He said: “We have been generally busy over the 34 years. We were very busy with the video renting for years, those were the good old days. 

“Then it plateaued, then the DVD came along, but that didn’t last as long.” 

Mr and Mrs Wolfe, of Heacham, decided to focus on the Hunstanton and Lynn shops and invested in mini labs and photographic equipment offering one-hour photo developing which proved very popular.

In a bid to wind down, the Norfolk Street shop in Lynn was closed in 2019 and the couple decided to focus on just the Hunstanton shop with staff member Rebecca Backham.

Mr Wolfe said he felt some “mixed emotions” closing the last shop.

“I can’t wait for it now, but I have had some very good customers over the years.”

Mr Wolfe now plans to spend his retirement with family and more time on hobbies which include cycling, paddle boarding and home DIY.