Richie Finney donates toiletries to homeless charity The Purfleet Trust in King’s Lynn.

A King’s Lynn grooming business is inviting people to donate toiletries to help lift the spirits of those going through a tough time.

As part of its Look Well, Feel Swell campaign, Captain Fawcett’s Gentleman’s Emporium is asking people to drop-off items at its barbershop museum in Friesian Way.

Items received such as unused shampoo, shaving cream, razors, toothpaste, deodorant, for both men and women, will then be given to The Purfleet Trust in Lynn.

The homeless charity will then distribute the items to the homeless or those going through a tough time financially.

Richie Finney, founder of Captain Fawcett’s, said he knew from personal experience what it was like to sleep rough.

He said: “And of course even with a roof over one’s head, falling on hard times means people may well be making the choice between eating and personal hygiene. 

“On a wafer thin budget even a toothbrush becomes a luxury and then self-esteem and mental health really take a hit. Kids are reluctant to go to school, social relationships suffer, it’s hard to just get up and leave the house. 

“How one looks can makes all the difference to how one feels, to ones ability to put ones best foot forward and face the day.”

Mr Finney donated four crates of new Captain Fawcett products to The Purfleet Trust.  

The items couldn’t be sold to customers due to damaged packaging, but could be put to good use.