Adam Marriott scored in the win over Dover that has been annulled.

FOOTBALL: After much waiting, the National League has finally announced the punishments for those teams who failed to fulfil fixtures.

It included the verdict on Dover Athletic, who stopped playing and furloughed their playing staff when it became clear there would be no more grant money to assist in completing the season. 

They face a £40,000 penalty and a 12-point deduction when the new season begins, as well as seeing this term’s record wiped out. 

In coming to these conclusions, it appears the league’s officers are out of step with the world that almost all the non-League game finds itself in. 

Dover chairman Jim Parmenter announced that his club did not have £40,000 to pay the fine and, for it to be pursued by the league, would result in the club going bust. 

Other clubs have since announced they may propose a vote of no confidence in the league’s board members. 

Since the announcement, many people have asked if King’s Lynn Town were correct in making the decision to continue their season in light of what has happened with Dover.

With everything taken into consideration, the answer for me is yes. Of course it is costing more than £40,000 for the club to continue playing. 

The club has had to place players on furlough and juggle resources to keep the cost of fixtures that mean nothing to us a club as low as possible. 

Some say stopping would have been the best way to go but the 12-point deduction to begin next season should sway some of those in the ‘stop’ camp to maybe reconsider their stance. 

This season is a write off without question throughout the club. 

Financially, it is a disaster that could not have been predicted when we lined up to face Yeovil in October. 

It is now a case of making the best we can and hoping that the final day of the season can provide a small financial fillip when fans should be allowed back into The Walks, albeit still in reduced numbers, for the visit of Aldershot Town. 

Everyone I speak too within the club just want to complete that game and draw the thickest of lines under what has been a grind to say least. 

This can be done in the knowledge that there will be no hangover into 2021/22, unlike Dover who will begin their season facing a huge task.