Renegades Lynne Eborall, Cheryl Brown and Rachel Morgan took part in the Where’s Wally Challenges for the National Literacy Trust.

ATHLETICS: Robert Skillings had the hardest task of the Renegade Runners on Saturday, taking part in the Nuts One-day 50k Ultra Challenge.

He was delighted to cover the 31 miles in a respectable time of five hours and 18 minutes.

Other Renegades had more fun in the Where’s Wally 5k and 10k challenges, raising funds for the National Literacy Trust. 

Matthew Parker and his wife Kathryn covered 5k on Sunday and Lynne Eborall and Rachel Morgan covered 5k on Saturday and 10k on Sunday, with Eborall gaining a new 10k personal best time in fancy dress, running an hour and nine minutes. They were grateful for cycle support from
long-time Renegade member Cheryl Brown.