A call has been made by North West MP James Wild for Facebook to change proposed encryption plans.

Mr Wild has written to Sir Nick Clegg, the social media site’s vice-president of global affairs and communication, in the wake of the imprisonment of a prolific King’s Lynn paedophile last month.

David Wilson, 36, of Kirstead, was sentenced to 25 years in jail after admitting 96 sex offences against 52 boys aged from four to 14 between May 2016 and April 2020.

Concerns were expressed at sentencing by the National Crime Agency and senior police that proposed end-to-end encryption would mean offenders like Wilson would likely go undetected.

Mr Wild has urged Facebook to change proposed encryption plans for messenger services in order to protect children.

In his letter he said: “When Nick Clegg went to work in Silicon Valley, he said he would help Facebook navigate the challenges big tech companies face including the wellbeing of children. Now it is time to deliver on that pledge.

“When the National Crime Agency and senior police officers are warning that Facebook’s plans for encryption risk seeing serious child abuse offenders go undetected, it has a responsibility to act and change its plans.”