Temporary Superintendent Nathan Clark.

Warmer weather and “lockdown fatigue” are no excuse breaking Coronavirus rules surrounding travelling, police have warned.

Officers continued their dedicated COVID-19 patrols at the weekend, targeting coastal areas and beauty spots.

Temporary Superintendent Nathan Clark said it was natural for the sunny weather and lockdown fatigue to lead to temptation for a change in scenery.

But people must remember lockdown rules remain in place and journeys should only be made for essential purposes, he added.

“Travelling to beauty spots or coastal areas for a walk, when you’re not local to the area, is not regarded as essential,” he said.

“We have seen blatant breaches of the rules, which has led to 251 fines being issued over the last three weekends.

“People continue to make real sacrifices to adhere to these restrictions and we must continue to work together so we don’t undermine the efforts that have been made.”

Over the Valentine’s weekend, between February 12 and February 15, officers issued 59 fines for Covid breaches.

Fines were given to people who attended a children’s birthday party in Thetford, some of whom had travelled from Ipswich, as well as a couple who travelled from Lewisham in London to Heacham to “enjoy the countryside”.

Fines were also given to three people who hired an Air bnb for the Valentine’s weekend and two people found in a “state of undress” at Whitlingham were fined after they were found to be from different households, police said.

Temporary Superintendent Clark added: “Our policing approach continues to follow the 4Es of engage, explain and encourage with enforcement used as and when required. We do take account of individual circumstances in every case and officers will use discretion and common sense when reaching decisions.

“However, when we see blatant breaches, as we have recently demonstrated by the examples given above, people can expect to receive a fine.”