Prince William at Lynn's Corn Exchange.

The Duke of Cambridge visited a mass vaccination centre at King’s Lynn this morning (Monday).

The royal chatted to volunteers and those receiving the life-saving jab at the Alive Corn Exchange in the Tuesday Market Place.

Volunteers Fliss and Stewart Davidson, Matthew Winn, CCS NHS Trust CEO with the Duke.

He thanked volunteers for their hard work at the centre, which opened on February 1.

Matthew Winn, chief executive of Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust said: “I was delighted to welcome the Duke of Cambridge to the vaccination centre in Kings Lynn today.

“I am so proud of the immense efforts our NHS staff and army of volunteers have shown as we roll out this life-saving vaccination programme.  I would also like to recognise the hard work of staff across the local hospitals, GPs and pharmacists – and thanks to our collective commitment, we have delivered over 300,000 vaccinations to people in priority groups across Norfolk and Waveney.”

During the visit, the duke spoke to NHS staff and volunteers about their experiences of being involved in the largest vaccination programme in British history.

Sandra Laycock, vaccination nurse, said: “The Duke was really interested in all that we were doing here to protect people and help them return to a more normal way of life in the future.”

Margot Smith, immunisation nurse was drawing up the vaccines today and said:  “It was great to explain the vaccination process to the Duke – he was really interested in my role in the vaccination centre today and my usual role as a school immunisation nurse.“

And vaccinator Debbie Rudd said: “It was great to hear that the Duke was so positive about people having their vaccinations and he thanked us for everything we are doing to support the vaccination programme.”

Raj Thirunageswaram, clinical operations manager for the Lynn site said:  “It was a pleasure talking to the Duke and I was pleased to share with him how well all the different professionals here today work together as a team.”

Mike Passfield, clinical operations director for the trust’s large scale vaccination centres, said: “I’ve been privileged to lead the mass vaccination centre programme for behalf of Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust, and I enjoyed sharing with the Duke how many organisations have collectively worked together to overcome our logistical challenges and rolled out this life saving vaccination programme.”

Husband and wife volunteers, Fliss and Stewart Davidson, said it was a great privilege to be part of the vaccination programme.

They said: “The Duke was interested to hear how our role helps reassure people who are waiting to have their vaccine and how positive the atmosphere is at the centre.”