FOOTBALL: In any walk of life you always need a little teamwork with people working hand-in-hand to get a job done.

This week at the club we have seen quite a bit of that going on to ensure fixture with Notts County on Tuesday evening went ahead safely – both on and off the pitch.

On Monday we had a visit to the ground from the Alive Lynnsport team, who carried out lateral flow testing for COVID-19 on all of the players and support staff. 

All went well with, thankfully, no positive tests among our number.

That meant we all felt a little more safe ahead of the following evening’s fixture. 

I would like to thank Mark and all of his team from Alive West Norfolk for carrying out the whole operation from start to finish in a highly well organised manner with everyone having a test and receiving the results in about two hours. 

While that was going on in the bar area, the club’s ground staff, along with some volunteer help were removing the pitch covers, revealing the hallowed Walks turf to the elements for the first time in 10 days. 

The covers are large and heavy and do take a lot of positioning and moving so extra help is always appreciated. 

I shouldn’t have been surprised when our team of 10 was joined by the team of 20 to add some extra muscle to the job while the lads awaited the results of their earlier tests. 

The extra help was only brief as training awaited but all of the extra hands, even for a short time, made a difference. 

It only confirmed what I already knew about the team in that they are all together in whatever they do. 

The togetherness is something that only comes through trust and that’s something that you need by the bucket load in any team, be it sport or work. 

It’s always much easier with everyone pulling in the same direction or singing from the same hymn sheet. 

The pitch had stood up well to being covered for so long and I am quite sure that, by covering when we did, we more than likely saved the Notts County fixture, even though the milder weather eventually arrived on Sunday.