North West Norfolk MP James Wild.

North West Norfolk MP James Wild has called for universities to give students a fair deal with tuition fee rebates.

In the House of Commons yesterday, Mr Wild was speaking following the government’s announcement of an additional £50m to support students impacted by COVID-19.

The new funding is to help students most impacted by the pandemic; students facing additional costs for alternative accommodation, loss of employment, or extra costs to access teaching online.

A number of Mr Wild’s constituents, both students and parents, have raised concerns about having to pay full tuition fees while not receiving the teaching or experience, particularly for practical based courses or where field trips and other activities have been cancelled.

“I welcome the extra £50m to help those most in need and the ministers’ call for accommodation providers to give rent rebates,” said Mr Wild yesterday.

“However, where a service is not delivered as expected, then the consumer is entitled to a refund or credit. So isn’t it time universities did the right thing, give students a fair deal with rebates on fees where students are not getting the quality of teaching they’re paying for and, to do so without students having to navigate an appeals process not designed for this situation?”