Some of the new lambs with Snettisham Park’s Trevor and Colleen Walters. Pictures: Ian Burt

You know spring is just around the corner when lambs start to make an appearance in the world.

And their arrival at Snettisham Park is right on cue as the farm usually starts its lambing season from February to May.

The first 24 have already arrived keeping attraction owners Trevor and Colleen Walters busy.

Mr Walters said 106 ewes were now indoors and over the next four weeks, he expected more than 200 lambs to be born.

The farm has around 400 ewes  and visitors get a chance to bottle feed some of the babies.

Mr Walters said the farm was expecting more new animals arrivals during the year including miniature Shetland ponies due to foal in June.

“We’ve got new animals on the farm throughout the season,” said Mr Walters, who hopes the attraction can re-open to the public on Monday, March 1. Mrs Walters said re-opening depends on pandemic restrictions but they hoped not to miss out on a second Easter.

“We are still closed and will open when the government tells us we can. 

“We’re an outside attraction and have plans to open on March 1 if allowed. 

“We know we’re not going to be open for the February half-term. Last year we were but last year we had to close over Easter. 

“If we have another year closed over Easter that will be two years and it would be difficult.

“Hopefully we can at least be open for the Easter holiday, there are things we can do,  sticking to social distancing and we have our deer safari and also the barns,” said Mrs Walters, who added  safety was paramount.